maandag 16 maart 2009

Douane ondervraging

We kwamen om 9 uur ‘s avonds aan bij de Amerikaanse grens. Normaal gesproken vragen ze je het hemd van het lijf of je vlees of andere etenswaren bij je hebt, wat je in Amerika komt doen en of je zeker weet dat je geen terroristische aanslag wil gaan plegen. Dit keer wat het net zo streng maar toch anders:

Douane: what is your business in the USA?

We live in the USA, in Newcastle near Seattle

Douane: Where do you work?

I work for Microsoft.

Douane: What do you do for Microsoft?

I work in the Office department.

Douane: Do you mean the department that makes Microsoft Office???

“Yes! that is correct!”

Douane: So let me ask you a question: “Why is Office so ridiculously expensive?”


Douane: I was in Best Buy and saw Office on sale for $700. That is a rip-off!

Hoogste tijd voor een sales pitch…

Actually Sir, that is the business version. It contains a lot of interesting tools for businesses such as Outlook for email, OneNote for unstructured Note taking, Groove for team work, Infopath for electronic forms.

It makes users more productive and organizations more efficient.
Your competitors won’t know what happened to them!

If you consider everything you get for only $700, it is actually a bargain!

And for consumers like you we have Office Home & Student.
You can buy it at Best Buy for only $149 and you can install it on 3 PC’s.

So essentially you pay only $50 per PC!

Douane: So I can use my activation code 3 times with Office Home & Student?

That is correct Sir!

Douane: That is interesting, thanks for the info!

Have a great stay in the USA!

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