maandag 24 november 2008

SMS taal

We zijn op zoek naar een appartement voor mijn ouders die hier van januari tot maart langskomen. Hil heeft links en rechts geinformeerd en krijgt nu dit bericht terug van iemand die z’n hele leven waarschijnlijk alleen maar SMSjes stuurt…

Hi Hilde,

I have this apartment available for rent from December onwards,but its ok if u want to rent it for 3 months.If u rent this place from december onwards u pay 1000$ for december to me,but for renting january onwards i will put u in touch with the administration of the apartment so u can set up an arrnagement with them,which is very easy.$1000 rent is a discounted price bcoz i m moving out of dis apartment a month early than my contract wid d administration,otherwise the real rent on a month to month basis is $1477 and i am sure u can get it around for round about $1200 if u sign a contract.But u will hav to work the payment out wid d administration.

The apartment has all d appliances,carpet,cabinets in the kitchens.....It is near to parks,trails,shopping centre and issquah downtown.... i have mentioned everything in the advertisement.All the things will be refurbished by the builder before u move in.

This apartment complex is a 16 minute drive from Newcastle.
You can surely come and see the apartment.Please give me a call on XXX-XXX-9745 for fixing a viewing.

Please call me for anymore information.

Korte vertaling:

u = you
its = it’s
bcoz = because
dis = this
d = the
wid d = with the



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